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I'm not sure why, but I am always amazed when I DON'T get blasted in my clinic evals. Not to say that I am unsafe or anything, just that I can think of a dozen things I can improve on and maybe a couple of things that I am strong with. Then I get to the actual eval and it goes the other way--a dozen strengths and a couple of things to work on. What are your experiences with clinic evaluations?

I say keep up the good work! :) You're obviously doing something right. I haven't started clinicals yet, but I'm sure I'll be the same way. I'm very critical of myself, so I can definitely see me being harder on myself than anyone else. At least I HOPE that's how it goes!! :)

CONGRATS on the good evals!

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Mine are almost always the same. I get all 4’s and maybe one to two 3’s. I think that the expectation is that we are not proficient enough yet, so there is some flexibility in our evals. I don’t know maybe I am wrong, but that is the only thing I can think of as to why the evals are always good.

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I had my eval on Monday, and my CI said, "We'll read mine first because I know you'll be harder on yourself than I will." She was right. But I'm there all the time and she's got 7 other students to deal with, so she doesn't always see me standing there like a deer in the headlights trying to get the VS machine to work.

I suspect they want to do a bit of ego boosting, since they know we're all freaked out, and it's not like we get many chances to do anything truly catastrophic in first semester, so they don't have many opportunities to see us screw up. Give 'em time. :lol:

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Well, I'm in my third semester (I've already passed Foundations and Med Surg I and am now in Peds/OB), so that should give you some hope. From what my dad said when he went through nursing school (graduated '05), they are usually pretty generous on the evals through out the entire course.

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