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I felt sure that this one had been posted before so I went trawling through the "Jokes and funny stories" forum - found heaps of good stuff but not THIS joke ..... Oh Well Here goes

A Doctor was getting sick and tired of being a OB/GYN - called out at all hours, high insurance premioums so he decided he would leave medicine all together - just be a motor mechanic.

He went to back to college and completed the mechanic's course . The final examination was to completely rebuild an engine. He did this but when he recieved his final mark he found he had got 200%!

Being honest he rang the lecturer and said "Look I don't mean to dispute this, after all 200% is a fantastic mark, but how can ANYONE get 200% on an exam?

The lecturer replied "Well we gave you 100% for rebuilding the engine correctly and another 100% for doing it all through the exhaust pipe!

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A nurse dies and goes to heaven. As St. Peter is checking her in at the Pearly Gates, a man with a long white beard strolls past. He has a stethescope around his neck.

That looked like a doctor, thought the nurse, but why would they need doctors in heaven?

"Who was that?" she asks St. Peter.

"Oh, that was God," says St. Pete.

"I didn't know God was a doctor!" replies the nurse.

"He's not," says St. Peter, "but sometimes he likes to pretend!"

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Originally posted by Jay-Jay

"He's not," says St. Peter, "but sometimes he likes to pretend!"

Ha ha ha ha!

"Darn it Jim! I'm God, not a doctor!"

Good one!

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