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I need to ask you all for your opinion. As of right now I am scheduled to take Algebra 3, Writing I, and Spanish I. My question is this....last semester I really had to struggle with Algebra II. I ended up getting a B....Would you wait on Spanish until another time? I have to take a foreign language some time or another, but should I wait since I have to take Algebra III? This will also put me part-time and I will lose my tuition reimbursement for this semester. Can you please give me some advice and what would you do if you were in my shoes?

Thanks guys:D

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I have heard once you past a young age, no offense, it is harder to learn a language. I know, for me, I would have to focus on algebra as I am terrible with math. What is your gut?



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When I take Alegebra I don't take ANYTHING else (but then I work FT). No matter what, I wouldn't take a foreign language AND Algebra is the same semester. Just too taxing on the brain. Regardless of what you decide, find yourself a good Algebra tutor. If you find a good one, it's worth the money to (1) pass the class with a very good grade and (2) find out that you CAN do Algebra. Lots of times it's simply that the prof either can't teach Algebra (yes, that is a possibility) and/or doesn't have the class time to teach it well. My Algebra tutor tutors ALL math AND Chem. Guess who is going back to him when she takes Chem? :D


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If you are taking a writing intensive class, and a math that may be difficult as well as a new(?) language, you may be taking on more than you can handle. Only you know for sure.

If writing comes easy for you and Spanish is not really a new language, then maybe it won't be too much. If however either of these two are not true for you, maybe you want to skip the Spanish and take an elective. One that would be more recreational than taxing. That way you would still be taking 3 classes and your financial aid status would remain in tack.

Whatever you decide, make the decision based on you.

Good luck,


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If you had Spanish in high school, or otherwise are somewhat familiar with the language, then taking it shouldn't be a problem. If not, then I wouldn't take the Spanish right now. Is there some easy class you could take to get the hours in? Like a physical activity or art or something?


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Thanks guys I appreciate ya once again. I have never had Spanish, but I think I will wait and take it at a later date. I just know this last semester, I had to concentrate on Algebra and my other classes were ok. I ended up with A's in them.

Thanks again and have a wonderful CHRISTMAS. Hissy :o)

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