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I have a question. I start nursing school in March 2009. Why is my graduation date Dec. 2011. That seems like a long time and I have a friend that starts the same program this Month (august) and she graduates May 2010.


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Is your friend a transfer student? Does your college have a evening and weekend program? Most of the time, a day student will graduate before an evening weekend student will.

Is your friend in an RN program or a LPN program?


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No my friend is not an LPN and she is not a transfer student we have been in this together since the begining. My school does not offer a night or weekend program. So im not sure why.

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Are you going to be attending through the summer? Or is that accounting for summer breaks. Is the school changing the program format? How many credit hours is your firends program comparied to yours? Have you asked your school why?


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Here is another possibility. I was going to go through the traditional nursing program at my school where you start Fall 09 and graduate May 2011 with a summer break, and now I am attending the online program which is May 09 through August 2010--4 consecutive terms (no lectures, just independent study)

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