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City Colleges of Chicago: Fall 2012

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this is what i found:

[h=4]is nln accreditation mandatory?[/h]

nln accreditation is optional, but a desirable credential for nursing programs to have. nln accreditation of a nursing program indicates the program meets six nlnac standards related to mission and administration, faculty and staff, students, curriculum, resources and outcomes. each standard has between five and 10 criteria, each of which must be met to attain accreditation.

see: nln accreditation questions and answers - nursing - spokane community college for more info. this also might be helpful: nlnac accredited nursing programs and this: national league for nursing - about the nln

My fiances brother is currently in their program. He said they usually accept around 200 but really only have seats for 100-160.

Can you select which prereq grades to use for you GPA? I got a C in Eng 101 and an A in 102. Can they take the higher grade?

So can they take the higher grade for you prereq GPA? I got a C in ENG 101 but an A in Eng 102 so will they take the higher grade? Bio I got a C in one and a B in another.


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