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I would like to apply for a city college in Chicago, IL. I would like to know the best program for Nusring, the pre-reqs classes, and how long it took you to complete the pre-reqs before enrolling in Nursing Programs.

:up: TeeTee, I"m glad that you did some research, but I want to addresses about the CCC nursing program that you posted earlier about Truman and KK. If you read the CCC student handbook or manual, the District has one admission policy for all the City Colleges of Chicago RN Programs. So all CCC have the same nursing requirements. They all about the same. What you want to do call the school of your interest and ask about their NCLEX passing rate and their attrition rate, because graduating from the program does not automatically mean you are guarantee to sit for licensee exam, you have to pass the school exit exam 1st. Just my :twocents:!

Here is something that you might be interested in reading,

"Truman Nursing students pass that exam at

rates always exceeding state and national averages. In

fact, the last two cohorts had a 100-percent pass rate." :yeah:


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Donot go to malcolm x


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The CCC Nursing programs listed are from best to worst based on NCLEX passing rate:


1) Truman

2) Daley

3) Olive-Harvey

4) Kennedy-King (Bridge Program)

5) Malcolm X


1) Wright

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