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Anyone tips for studying for Essential of Nursing Care: Chronicity exam?:)

Get the practice tests from EC. Questions are very similar and will give you a good idea of what to expect.

Thank you for you response. I did the practice exam, but still feel like I need more study.

I just took it a few days ago. In Micro, A&P, DevPsy, and Health Safety I got all "B's"!

In Chronicity, I GOT A "C"!!!:eek:

Know abt grieving, EOL issues, Kubler-Ross, Piaget, gov't medical organizations, community based nursing, and that other community ???? nursing....just know everything! I got 73 on practice and I believe I just barely passed the real exam too!

Good luck!


Specializes in Nurse Tech (Oncol.,Peds & Emer. Room).

Do you have th Chronic Illnesses book that is listed in EC's content guide? This might be of a help to you. It helped me alot to read the required readings and take the practice exams. Best of wishes.

I do not have the book, but I will look in to that, Thank You.


Specializes in Nurse Tech (Oncol.,Peds & Emer. Room).

You are welcome :)


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