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I need to pick other random classes on top of the nursing classes I take because I have to stay full time at my school. I took all the pre-reqs so I'm really just taking things to fill up my schedule and/or for fun. I was going to take Educational Psych because I really enjoy all the psych classes and I'm hoping to learn something more about myself. Should I take something else? I'm just wondering if it's worth it to take a class that's truly meant for education majors not nursing majors. It's either this class, algebra, or contemporary social problems because there aren't many offered online, which is what I was going for. :)

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Dang when I was in your position I took scuba, welding,and basic firearms training. i took all the classes I always wanted to but never had the time too. if you are interested in it I say go for it. Currently I am taking sociology of death and dying and it is a great class, not required but is fun.


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I also have to take 15 credits to maintain my scholarship for pre-reqs (thats one more class than full time) and plan to take languages for my electives. Advance Latin, Spanish and Sign Language! :)