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Choose NAU for CEP or wait 9 months to go to ASU?



I'm on the waitlist right now for Maricopa Nursing and I want to apply for the CEP program - my top choice is ASU because of their ranking but because I'd have to complete more prereq's I won't be able to apply to their program until May next year so the earliest I could start is January 2017 ... I'd have 9 months of wait time. For NAU - I'd get in for Fall semester 2016 start and I'd start classes May 2016 I think. Their ranking isn't as good but would that matter a lot when applying for jobs later on? If I'd still get a great job with being a NAU graduate then I'd rather not wait and just choose their program


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I personal don't think school ranking effects getting a you after school. I think it's about the name of the school more (if that makes sense).

You really have to look at the differences between the two. ASU is more money but all online, NAU is almost half the price of ASU but you have three class at one of their campus. I think both programs focus on different things as well.

It really comes down to what is best for you and what you want out of the program.

I know about NAU's program but I don't really know much about ASU's program because their adviser hasn't gotten back to me. I like NAU's program a lot but I'm not sure about their reputation because I'm from the Seattle area and moved to AZ pretty recently. ASU seems like a great program but I don't know much about their curriculum or what they're focusing on. If I would be fine when choosing NAU and would get a great job with their degree then I would just apply to their program since I'd be done with school a year earlier


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From what I have heard NAU is a good school, I am not a AZ native and actually had never heard of the school until I got here.

I chose ASU because I want that name on my diploma and I have kids and didn't want to take those 3 classes in class on top of the CC classes.

To me it seems ASU focuses on leadership, I'm not familiar with NAU so I can't say what the focus on really.


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I don't think you can go wrong with either school.


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To answer your question about reputation of the school, it won't affect you getting a job whether you go through ASU or NAU. They are both AZ state universities and equal in terms of that. So if that's the only thing holding you back, I'd say go with NAU because you'll be in sooner.

I just got into NAU CEPs program, starting the in person portion in just a few weeks. I'm a transplant as well and so far I loooove NAU. They are very quick and transparent about what they expect from you. Reply very promptly to inquiries and obviously the lower price is awesome. At the orientation they go very in depth about what you should expect and overall seem to really try and make sure every student has a full understanding. From what they have said or hinted at, the first in person NAU classes focus a lot on "ethics" so to speak. Compassion in the workplace, and dealing with situations we may not be used to. It's a long road, I start in a few weeks and won't graduate until 2017 (since everyone is fast-track now) so I would definitely choose NAU and get the ball rolling if I were you! :-)


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As far as getting a job after graduation, in AZ both school names are looked at pretty much the same. ASU is nationally known and NAU is not, but again, that doesnt really matter as far as AZ job hunt. ASU is also over double the cost of NAU. So that is something to factor in. The only thing ASU may help you with is graduate program entrance. Getting fantastic grades at either school will permit you to get into most graduate school programs (NP, CRNA, PhD, and such) but for schools outside of AZ, ASU may get you more opportunities. If you want to apply to some prestigious graduate school programs, you would be better of going to ASU. But if you plan to stay in AZ, or dont care for IVY league schools later, then NAU is the better route.