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Choice for nurse capstone placement

Chadnurse Chadnurse (New) New


i am approacting my last semester in nursing school and was recently inducted into Sigma Theta Thu. I choose ER or SICU. I am very conflicted about my choices. I don't feel I'm ready to be on an ICU. Is this normal or should I choose a MedSurge Unit.

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HeySis specializes in PACU.

There are lots of things to learn no matter where you do your capstone. My school would not allow students with no hospital experience to even apply for certain units. Most students ended up in Med-Surg. At your preceptor should be at your side walking you through everything you do until your comfortable, no matter where you are.

NICUismylife specializes in NICU, RNC.

I have been in ICU for my final semester of nursing school. The first couple of weeks, I felt way in over my head, but as with anything, I adapted, and it is super fascinating. It has been an invaluable learning experience! Sometimes when you are scared of something, you should just jump in and do it. You will have an instructor or preceptor there with you every step of the way. Good luck and have fun!


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