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CHOA Externship 2017

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Hey I just wanted to know if anyone else applied for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta's Externship for 2017. I had a digital interview with them on December 11, 2016 and I know they said they review them in the middle of January, so I wanted to see if anyone has heard anything yet.

Hey! I applied and I got an interview on the 15th of December and no I have yet to hear anything back! let me know if you do!!

Netriss, BSN, RN

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Hopefully we both get a callback!

tnbutterfly - Mary, BSN, RN

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Hey! I had my digital interview 12/15, but have not heard anything back either. Hopefully we will soon!

Hey I have my interview this week! Do you know all the units they are taking externs for? The job posting that listed it was taken done.

I got an email today asking for my references! I'm so excited! @rnmalo, do you have a digital interview or a face-to-face? I'm not sure which units they are hiring for..

Netriss, BSN, RN

Has 2 years experience.

That's great! Hopefully I receive an update soon!

I have a digital interview. Also when it says within 3 business day did you count the day you got it in the 3 day or no? Did it not ask you the top 3 units you wanted?

Congrats GDeb! Do you mind sharing what departments you expressed interest in for the externship?

I did count the first day as one business day because I got the request for the interview early in the morning. I also got it on a Friday though so I had the benefit of having the weekend. One of my friends got her email for the interview at 5:00 pm though so she did not count it as a full business day..So I don't know! :)

For departments, I said that I wanted ICU - specifically Neonatal or cardiac. My other request was for cardiac step-down or cath-lab. But I did follow up that I would be more than happy to work in any unit just to be exposed to any form of pediatric care. @rnmalo, there is a list that pops up during the digital interview, I just can't remember all that is on there - Off the top of my head I remember ICU, transplant, ED, hematology/oncology, Cardiac step-down, cardiac cath-lab.. I'm fairly certain there were more though.

Good Luck to yall! I hope that you hear back soon!

id the posting still open? I can't find the opportunity anywhere. When do you have to start applying?? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!!!

Netriss, BSN, RN

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I think it is closed because most of us applied back in December and this is the month where they start reviewing the digital interviews.

I applied as well back in dec ans got a email the next week literally for a interview. I spoke with the hr recruiters last week and they told me that they were in the process of approving and disapproving apps that you should find something out near end of feb . However if you go on the website to your profile it will tell you if youre still in the pool or not

Netriss, BSN, RN

Has 2 years experience.

Not yet...I check mines everyday and it still says under review....

Okay i do the same lol :) Mine says the same thing

Where are you seeing the under review thing? When I log in at careers.choa.org I don't see anything. Is it under "saved jobs" for you?

It should be under profile then under jobs applied and it should say something there

Ohhh I found it now, thanks.

Still says under review so that's better than nothing!


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