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I am about to enter a nursing program at Oklahoma City Community college. But I after I complete that program I am eventually wanting to go on to chiropractic school. I was just curious what everyones thoughts are about the field of chiropractic. Positive and Negative replies are all welcome......Just wondering how all you nurses and nursing students felt about it. Thanks for any comments you have.


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I have been going to chiropractors off and on for about 14 years as I developed a problem first with my knee and the Dr.s wanted to go ahead and operate right away and I said WHoA!!!!!!!!!

I wasn't ready for surgery with a year old child. So, I turned to chiropractic and it took a while but was worth it. Then when I hurt my back in the nursing profession, I went back.

I have been going to a wonderful chiropractor for 2 years. I was shocked and dismayed to read the paper last week to learn he died of a heart attach while jogging. I had told him I think of him all the time, every time I wake up and my hands are burning.

A visit to him, with 3 adjustments, would put me straight. I always felt so much better. The MDs dont' go for chiropractics but I say it makes sense, and works.

I have only been to two Chiropractic Drs. the first one I quit because he was too much into vitamin supplements and I'm not a pill person. Then he started with mumbo jumbo raising and lowering the arms and wanted all these massages, etc, which ran up the bill and all I wanted was the adjustments, so I switched to my dear late Dr. who was the most wonderful person and Dr. I have EVER known. I know exactly when I am out of alignment and have always been amazed that he could tell exactly where it hurt by just touching my spine. He was quite amazing. His adjustments were so beneficial to me. Our community just can't get over the shock of losing him as he was only 53yo.


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Why do you want to go to nursing school?

I wonder why you don't want to do 2 years in college and then apply to one of the Chiro colleges. Life in Atlanta used to accept some students with out degrees. As in ANY field there are good and bad. My husband swears by his chiro. I went to him and thought he was AWFUL.

Please look into several schools, talk to several chiros. I don't think you will get much encouragement from the medical community, but maybe you will get some idea of how NOT to treat patients-unfortunately.


I have a friend who is a chiropractor and I also thought about going to chiropractic school in the past. If you want to be a chiropractor, some of the pre-req's for nursing will fulfill chiropractic pre-req's, but you're probably better off with a degree in Biology. My chiropractor friend has his undergrad degree in Anatomy. Parker College of Chiropractic here in Dallas is a good school, about 3 hours from OKC. Here's a link to the program's pre-req's: . That should provide a good bit of info. Also, chiropractic school is expensive, not much less than med school. My friend has $100,00 in student loans from his degree. Hope this helps. :)



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I thought about going back to schoolf for this also, but i just don't see it happening, too time consuming, and the school here in NY is 3 hours from where i live and work, if you can make it work for you go for it, or you may regret not doing it.


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Really don't mean to offend anyone, but are chiropractors really doctors, MDs? I am going to one right now , and I really like him, but sometimes I wonder if the insurance doesn't really turn him on. Ultrasound therapy, electronic stimulation, and massage- all great, and I love the hands on healing. I just wonder if I didn't have such good insurance, would I get an adjustment and be on my way?

Also, when you address them as a doctor, are they really like an MD, can they write scripts for instance?

I think this field has come a long way in the past 25 years. I am tired of the pain in my neck , shoulder , foot and I could go on, so I went out of desperation. Too early to tell yet.

Any success stories out there?



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My understanding, cargirl, is they have their doctorate in chiropractic studies...So they are Dr. So-and-So. Just like you can have your doctorate in ANY field and by Dr. Anyone. Doctorate in Education, Doctorate in Nursing, Doctorate in is not the same as having a doctorate in medicine...they are doctors but they are not physicians.

I cannot really comment on chiropractic. I have never been to one; except once for a "free evaluation." It was like being sold a car..."IF you sign up for 8 adjustments TODAY and ONLY TODAY, the cost will be such & such." Lots of fast talking. And this crap about "your left leg is half-an-inch shorter than your right." I think I'd feel that. Never been back.

And truthfully, "adjustments" scare the heck outta me. My husband likes to have his back cracked; he and his brother crack each other's back, he cracks the kids' backs...I can't stand it!!! Ewww! Hate the sound, hate the me the willies. *shivers* eww, eww, eww....


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OH MY GOSH !!!! do I have a CHiro story for all you non believers out there.....

I am a CCU nurse...and in 1997 I was in a rollover MVA....they took me to the ER and all I really c/o was that I couldn't feel my hands...they did a C Spine series and tah dah...home honey!...over the next week, my neck and shoulders really ached..lifting pts,and pushing beds to CT, iI thought I really just pulled all muscle( I vividly remember HANGING upside down in the car by my seatbelt)...but another nurse said it sounded cervical and encouraged me to see her I did...with alot of cynical doubt as any proper medical person would have...ahem...

when they asked me to get into a gown, I balked...I told them it is my neck ...something the good doctor can see easily thank you very much....and then the tech said Well, Dr O. does a head to toe Neuro exam on all new patients....etc...and this got my I agreed,provided they gave me an extra gown to cover my legs and my whatchaoosit(bra) stayed in the on!!! walks Dr O.--the man who would change my entire line of thinking on HEALING...and as he assesed and I talked and cynically observed...I started to realize there may be something to this Chirppractic thing....and yes, my whatchaoosit came off for Xrays..and without any fanfare he very calmly told me indeed I had serious neck injuries...and he sent me to a neurosurgeon....sure enough, I needed surgery..ACF style..2 levels... BUT WAIT!!!!! it gets even new found respect for Chiropractors established firmly,the saga conitnues....

3 days after my neurosurgeon said I could remove the hard C Collar I had been wearing for 6 weeks post op...i heard a SNAP! sounded exactly like a finger snap...and I promptly called him and he blew me off.."ligament, tendons,,nothing to worry about"...for THREE weeks, I suffered...terrible neck and shoulder pains..and in desperation I called the Chiropractor..who was very sure he COULD NOT and WOULD NOT adjust me...but agreed for me to come in and have a look see...he ordered a MRI...and after he saw me and the films. he sent me right to the neurosurgeon....sure enough, my fusion had snapped..but by the time it was detected, it had grown excess bone and was pressing against the covering of the spinal he starts to babble about the need for another surgery..this time with a metal plate.blah blah blah....and i sat there ...and when he had finished, I simply stood up and said SEE YA!...and waited until my Chiro Man decided it was safe enough to adjust me 4 months later....the end of the story??? I now get adjusted PRN...4 years later...I still ache at times..and the second opinion said I could wait until my mid 50's to re do..but it is a re do.. :o before you pass judgement, or question if he is a REAL DOCTOR...remember that ONE OF THEM helped A NURSE!!!!:)

I have learned more about natural healing techniques and pride myself on learning new things from my Chiro Guys...they study hard..and a few of them are quacks out to get rich...and that gives them a bad call the state Chiro sure your Chiro is ortho or neuro certified(this means they have worked hard for speacilizing)and visit one....I BELIEVE!!!!

ummmph!!!! ok I am off my soap box.....see ya!!!:p


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Does this guy have a brother in Pittsburgh, grnville? Heh.

I'm not saying all chiropractics are wrong or misguided or whatever..can't really say that as I've only seen that used-car-salesman-type guy and he didn't really touch me. I have thought about going to one as recommended by a friend but....truly, truly, the sounds of bone cracking (like your knuckles or your neck) just makes me wanna throw up. I hate that sound; really gives me the willies. It's one of the things that really holds me back. Find me a guy like your chiropractor and tell me there are no sounds and I'm there...


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I am a DC currently in my first semester for my BSN. Although there are many people on here with different opinions...I lived though chiro school and practiced as one for 8 years.. Please email me if you still have questions regarding this field. I am here to help. [email protected] ..Liz

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I strongly encourage you to do your research. I've been to two chiropractors in my life, one was great and the other was awful.

The latter showed a group of patients a film that featured aborted fetus' and he gave a lecture about how vaccines contained the aborted fetus'. He went on to crack my back; my hip hasn't felt right since. He diagnosed me with scoliosis (chiropractors are not permitted to diagnose anything but sublixation).

Please visit this board. Many chiropractors are out of practice due to money issues and the thousands of dollars spent on their education. Scroll down to Chiropractic education and take a look.

Just my :twocents:.

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