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childbirth educator position

Hi ya'll! Just looking for advice/opinions:

I'm currently pregnant and also an RN. Taking a childbirth class with hubby and last night the instructor and I started talking after class. She said they were looking for more instructors and that she thought I would be a good fit for the job.

Are there any RNs here who are exclusively working as CB educators? I'm afraid I'll lose all my nursing skills, but the schedule is so appealing (evenings and w/e only, which would work with my husband's 9-5 M-F schedule).

Just wondering--has anyone else out there has gone this route in their career? Also, would it be a huge paycut compared to what I make as a nurse?



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Good questions you ask.

First of all, yes, it (going away from the bedside to do almost ANY other job) tends to involve quite a pay cut. So, you have to consider what your finances will allow and check into exactly what you would make as a CBE soley, versus as a bedside nurse.

You can do what I am looking into doing. Going perdiem as a bedside nurse (never lose your skills that way) and also working as a CBE as well----it may just be the ticket for you.

That way, you can still work around your dh's schedule and do both things at once! It's my plan----and some day, when my body is too tired and old to lift and move heavy patients,(which is a real concern for all of us at some point), I hope to be experienced and "entrenched" enough in childbirth education that I can make a go of it w/o having to do bedside nursing any longer.

SO, check into what you would make as a CBE, versus doing bedside nursing and consider, you COULD do both----be perdiem as a staff nurse, AND be a CBE prn, as well!

Good luck and congrats on your pregnancy.

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At our hospitals, current OB nurses also do the CBE. It entails one evening a week, and they get paid their regular RN wages, and I believe their 36 hour work-week is reduced by the amount of time spent teaching, if they wish.

KellNY, RN

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I've never heard of ANYONE doing CBE full time.

Well, I haven't had a chance to speak with the manager yet. The educator who gave me her name said they do have a few nurses on staff, not sure if they're full time or not.

THing is, I'm not currently a "bedside" nurse. I've always been in the community, and I have to admit I'm not too interested in working L&D. I feel like my personal philosophy regarding CB would be challenged daily on a high intervention L&D unit and might potential effect patient care and my sanity. NO free standing birth centers in my area. :(

I might like mother/baby or NICU, but it would be difficult to transition into something like that part time I think (if I were to do the CBE thing part time too).

I'll have to look into this a little more and see what's the scoop.

Thanks for your responses!

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