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Child dies after school nurse layoffs


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I think this will be much more expensive than a salary for a school nurse. I feel really bad for the family of that child.

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Oh, how sad. They couldn't just call 911 for this poor child? How awful. I agree, much more expensive than a school nurse salary and so very unfortunate for that family. Let us hope that they learned a painful lesson and will make efforts to hire a school nurse to prevent future episodes such as this one.


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Even a child knows to call 911. They might as well just write the check. Unfortunately, it will not bring that poor child back. I can not imagine dying like that.

coughdrop.2.go, BSN, RN

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I remember this story and it's awful there was no Nurse available, however I believe the parents should share some of the blame. The father was called and did not get her because he did not recognize how serious her symptoms were even though she stated on the phone that she could not breathe. When the daughter got home, the Dad realized how sick she was and got medical attention, but it was too late.

The school should have called 911 and the parent should have rushed to the school when his child with asthma complained of not being able to breathe. This is a horrible situation all around and I hope both school staff and parents can learn from this by listening and paying attention to students! I can't tell you how many times we have had parents not wanting to pick up students or taking their time when we explain how sick a student is. I have told parents if you don't get here in 5 minutes I will call 911 or I call anyway. 100% of parents have made the deadline and I make sure to talk to Administration to get the okay to tell parents we need a Dr's note to re-admit them back to school to make sure the parent takes them.

I'm also lucky I have school staff that is competent to recognize a medical emergency, and that school needs to get their ducks in the row ASAP. Unacceptable all around.