Child abuse & Infection control course needed for job in NYS?

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Hello Everyone,

Has anyone ever been asked by their hiring employer for a copy of the NYS Child Abuse & Infection Control course? From my understanding, HR is requiring this as it is a NYS requirement but apparently something that is covered in nursing school. Yet, in nursing school we don't get a certificate for it. Its just part of NYS nursing education. Has anyone had any experience with obtaining this?

The other solution is that I take the course over through a website HR provided. But this seems so silly to me as its part of our graduation requirement. I've asked several people who all say they have never been asked for this.

Any information is appreciated.


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its a requirement for NY license. If you graduated from a NY nursing school then you are exempt. However, if you went to school outside of NY, you need to take those 2 courses. I took them. They are very easy. You can get them from any CEU's site.


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I just did these because I'm moving in from out of state. The child abuse one is free from the state website.


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I am from jersey, applying to take nclex in new york and I just took them both online. Accepted courses are listed on the office of profession's site. They took about 2 hrs, super easy, and you get two chance to pass. Only costed $60.00.

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