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I have a friend who has a 3 week old infant. He was exposed to chicken pox about a week or so ago. What are the chances that he will contract the chicken pox? His mom did have chicken pox as a child.

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He has been exposed, so he could get it. He needs to be watched closely, isn't it 2-3 weeks until he breaks out?


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She needs to call her Pediatrician.

(here come conflicting information)

I took a call on a similar situation with a 4 week old just before I left my last job, as I recall it was decided (by the Ped) after consulting the Red Book that the baby was unlikely to get chicken pox (and he didn't).

Mimi2RN, ASN, RN

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You are right, I always tell people to call their Ped.


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Some of the missing keys to the information here are: did mom have chicken pox or vaccination if so then child is still probably protected by mom's antibodies; and if mom has had chicken pox in the past is she breast feeding, an ongoing source of antibodies for the baby?

Always refer to the pediatrician immeadiately because if they chose to treat then they will need to locate the varicella immune globulin within 72 hours and start. I have had newborns treated to prevent chicken pox after exposure and I have cared for a 14 day old infant who became brain dead after contracting chicken pox encephalitis from a neighbor

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