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I want to go back to school with a nursing career in mind, and I would like to do as much as I can online. I've looked so far only at Chamberlain, as they have a location in Chicago. Can anyone tell me their experience with online schools?


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as far as i know, in order to get your ADN, you need to attend an accredited brick/mortar school.. you might be able to take some of the prerequisite online, but not the actual nursing classes.. once you get your RN, you can then do RN to BSN online programs..

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There are hybrid nursing programs in existence that allow students to take all nursing classes online while fulfilling the hands-on clinical practicum requirements face-to-face.

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I would suggest checking with your local community colleges to see if they have any online courses to help you knock out the pre-requisite courses. But as the others have said, for people who are pre-licensure (not bridging from LPN to RN, for example), your ability to do most courses online will be limited by the need to physically be at clinicals.

Nursing is a popular profession, and many schools have wait lists and requirements to complete before you can even apply to the nursing program. You can likely get into Chamberlain without a problem as they are a for-profit school and don't typically have wait lists, but they will charge you an arm and a leg in return. Be wary of taking out enormous student loans in a profession that is tough for new grads to find work.

On the positive side, you probably have a pretty flexible schedule as a waitress, plus you're used to being on your feet and dealing with people. :) Good luck!!

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