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I am a student and I am trying to decide between a Littman Master Classic II or a Classic II SE stethoscope. I can't decide between the double sided bell and the single sided model. In actual practice, do you really rotate the bell and use both sides? Which is better and do you prefer one over the other?

Thanks for your experienced opinions! Please give me your :twocents: !

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I have both of those stethescopes. I used the Classic II SE in clinicals and I never rotated the bell. I found I could hear everything well enough w/o rotating it. Now I just use my Master Classic II, since most of what I do revolves around blood pressures (I work in an office). I actually like the Master better, but for no particular reason lol.


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I was just about to post this exact same question! Any other opinions out there on these two? There is only about a 20-30 dollar price difference, but no need to pay extra if Master is not noticeably better.


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I wondering the exact same thing also! :) My school's bookstore sells the Classic II SE but I work at a vet clinic and tried out both the Master Classic and the Classic II and I prefered the Master Classic. I could hear more clearly with it. I'm not sure if I NEED the double sided chestpiece for classes etc. though... Any thoughts?


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I too would like an answer on this. Is the Master Classic II noticeably clearer than the Classic II SE?

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