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I am currently attending a community college, and hope to get my RN degree in a few years.

As one of the pre-req's to get into the RN program, I have to take Chemistry 101. I never took chemistry in high school, and I'm a little scared to be honest!

I was ok with Biology and Physiology, but I'm terrible at math, so I'm not sure how well I will do taking chemistry classes.

In your opinion, is Chemistry the hardest science class to take?

Thanks! :)

Chemistry is challenging,but once you study you will be fine. In my opinion, Microbiology was the most difficult.

I had no science experience and had been out of school for a few decades. I loved Chemistry. It was my favorite of the pre-req sciences and the easiest to learn. Good luck.:clown:

Oh ok. Thanks for the info!!

I loved chemistry! You'll do fine.

I am currently taking chemistry as my last science pre-req, and I love it. I have found it to be the most simple of all the science pre-reqs. It does involve working through a variety of conversion-type math problems, but as long as you take the time to practice, you will be fine. Additionally, the conversion methods you learn in chemistry will be beneficial once you are in nursing school.

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I took Chem in high school and I found Chem 101 to be pretty much a repeat. I had been out of hs for almost 20 years when I took the class but it pretty much all came back. If you never took chem before I could see where it could be tough though.

You'll have to learn how to set up your equations properly, but you are allowed to use a calculator. Get used to doing conversions (grams to kilograms, F to C etc) and to working with ratios (like moles per kilogram). If you can keep your units of measurement straight the calculations will usually work out.

I'm over half through with Chem and often have wondered why it's not called Math, lol. Lots of algebra type work. While I find A/PII harder, I'm actually doing worse in Chem because it's incredibly detailed. Just read your problems very carefully and don't forget your significant figures and units of measure. My prof is a real stickler for that. Good luck, I'm sure you'll do GREAT!!

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