is there a chemistry equivilent for nursing pre-req?


So I am trying to take human physiology. I am already taking human anatomy. In order for me to take physio it seems that general chemistry is a pre-req. I am from the bay area and most community colleges require chem as a pre-req for most things. Does anyone know if a high school chemistry count as a general chem pre-req? I am trying to not have to take chem in order to take physio because it is taking a lot of time and I want to apply to nursing school ASAP. Advice? Suggestions>? TY:)


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To my knowledge no high school chem is not adequate


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I am honestly really surprised to hear that there are nursing programs out there that don't require chemistry as a prerequisite for A&P. I had to take college chem and general bio before I could take either anatomy class.

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Good day:

Several schools accepted my high school chemistry because it was an AP/college prep-based. Ask the schools you are looking at to see if they would accept it.

Thank you.

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UC Berkeley Extension suggests you have chemistry as a pre-requisite; however, it does not require you to have it to take the class.

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Many nursing pre-reqs have pre-reqs of their own. Typically, you need college level biology & chemistry before you can take anatomy & physiology. Your best bet for the correct solution to your question is to speak to an academic advisor at your school. They can tell you which high school courses meet the requirements or if you'll be required to take other college level science courses first.