Chem in Summer '13?


Just wondering who's with me?

Ill be going 4x a week for 5 hours a day. General chem. oh and it's only that much because its accelerated. June 3rd-July 25

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I'm doing Chem II this summer (working towards pre-reqs for post-graduate work, starting Nursing School in the fall). This class is 8 weeks, starts next week. Mon/Tue/Thu each week. We're done August 1st.

Best of luck!!! It's a tough class, but we can get through it :)

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I'm kind of nervous that I'll end up failing! lol. I've heard it's hard, but it's my pre requisite to Anatomy & Physiology 1 at the school closest to my house. I have to get an A. lol At most I can manage with a B.

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It depends on what level of Chem you're taking. Usually, they only require Intro to Chem or Survey of Chem for a pre-req to A&P and not the full, in-depth Chem. If that's the case, then your Chem class won't be too hard. If it's the regular Chem for all science majors, it can be a pretty tough class. I have to take the in-depth Chem because I'm trying to knock out pre-reqs for a graduate program while I'm working on the BSN. (Still have to take 2 semesters of OChem & Biochem...eeek!)

However, it's not impossible and if you get comfortable with dimensional analysis, you should be able to do well. There's a LOT of memorization and if you've never been exposed to Chem before, it's going to feel a little strange at first. If you've had Chem in the past, then it's a bit easier to get through. Our Chem professor told us the first day that if we did not have Intro to Chem or at least high school Chem, we should drop the class now. He wasn't kidding! It had been 19 years since my last Chem class and I almost dropped the class after the first quiz. I stuck with it, though. I ended up 4 points away from a 4.0 in the class. Ended up with a close!!!! I had a 4.0 GPA in all my graduate pre-reqs going in to last semester. Now I'm at a 3.95, which is still great, but I was hoping to keep the 4.0 going :D

There are some great tutorial videos on Khan Academy (look on YouTube or just Google them). They are free and they really help you to understand the material. Check them out :)


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I am taking allied health chemistry from June 3-July 29. I start my BSN program this fall so my school required a different chemistry than the one I have taken. The only school offering it over the summer is over 1 hour away. So I am taking the lecture online & going in for the lab twice a week.

I am really dreading it, but hoping to get in there & kick butt. I need at least a B to reserve my slot in my program.

I dislike chemistry but have already taken high school & college general versions so I hope this class is a breeze!