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Chem requirements for admission

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So, I've been a longtime lurker on allnurses, specifically the CRNA forums. I'm looking for a bit of insight regarding my situation. After several shadowing sessions with a few CRNAs who I work with, I have decided to pursue my dream to become one. I am currently an ICU nurse w/ 5 years of experience (MICU/SICU). I am in the process of studying for my CCRN (hopefully will take the exam in the near future), and I plan to study/take the GRE shortly after. I have researched all the schools available to me here in CT. But, I am curious about the chemistry requirements. Since I first started college, I obtained my nursing degree in a bit of a "roundabout" way. Specifically relating to my chemistry requirements. The chemistry that I took (CHEM 111 - Principles of Chem), allowed me to complete both my ADN & BSN. Now that I look at prerequisites for CRNA school, I notice that gen chem & orgo are a must. I planned to take an orgo at a local community college, or even attempt one online w/ an online lab. However, these courses usually require that gen chem 1+2 have been completed. I did speak with an advisor at a local community college who stated that exceptions for admission to orgo can sometimes be applied. However, I do not want to take a course that I will likely do poor in due to my limited previous chemistry studies. Due to this unique situation, I do not think applying to CRNA school for would be feasible. Also, if I do have to start from square one with my chemistry studies, I may be looking at a long wait just to satisfy those requirements. On the plus side, a year of prep would allow me more time to bank as much money as I can before applying.

If you were in my shoes, what would you do? I know that anesthesia has always interested me. The shadowing experiences solidified my assumption that I could see myself in that setting. Is anyone else in a similar situation/have you experienced this? I know it's not particularly a race to the finish line here. But, I am certainly not getting any younger, and my other science credits will most likely need to be refreshed. I almost feel like I waited a bit too long to begin with. I'm just looking for the most direct route to apply without wasting anymore time.

I wish I retook general chemistry and organic chemistry before starting school. Our first 2 classes covered everything that was taught in those few years and it took me a few weeks of putting in a lot of extra work to catch up. I'd suggest taking the gen chem and orgo before applying, but that's just my opinion.


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I'd highly recommend taking gen chem 1 & 2 at a local community college before taking orgo, just to set yourself up for success. While you don't need to be an expert at chemistry for crna school, having a strong foundation in basic chemistry and orgo will help with advanced pharmacology. My school didn't require orgo, but I minored in chemistry in college so I took orgo 1 & 2. I think it definitely helped.

Another option would be to find a school that doesn't require orgo, but I'd still recommend taking Chem 1 & 2. They are basic classes and won't be too difficult to manage while working full time and saving (as much as possible) for school.

I went to school in ct and that 1st chem class was pretty tough. I personally would not take any shortcuts and take all the classes. The first semester of crna school is pretty stressful and you can some what alleviate that stress by having a strong foundation in chemistry. Good Luck!!


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Thx for the feedback all. I actually registered to start from square 1 with the chem. I kinda figured this would be the route I had to go. Just wanna make sure I'm prepared for the advanced topics later on.

I was in the same boat as you. I took Elementary and Organix BioChem (for my Organic Chem requirement for my program) and it was definitely manageable. 100% online and I got a Good grade. Only ever took my chemistry in undergrad that was a catch all chemistry for nursing students. Message me if you want more information about the class! Happy to give you the name and numbers.. also, they waived the pre-req for the class since I was taking it just to transfer to another school.

I retook my General Chemistry I and II and am currently taking an Organic/Biochemistry combo class. Organic and biochemistry is not required for the school I am applying to, but I did not do well years and years ago when I took it so I just want to show them I understand the material and can get an A. Honestly, any extra work you can do reflects directly on your desire to get into a program. I remember last time I interviewed with a school and didn't get in, I met with the program director and she told me there were other people that just did more to get in. With that being said, do EVERYTHING you can to make yourself stand apart from others. Good luck.

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I took the Gen Chem series (3 classes, 1 year), then o-chem. I started the year before I applied and was in process of finishing them when I interviewed. You could always apply when you think you will have them finished before entrance (apply for next year fall start, by that time they should be all finished). You just state on your application what you have in progress and what your further plans are. Those classes were invaluable to me in school and I did not struggle through the chem like many of my classmates. Good luck


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