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I have two choices for Chem, Intro for science majors and Intro for allied health. Both are followed up by part II and OChem for science and OChem for allied health.

I think I'm going to take the allied health since I did not have chem in high school and the school I want to attend will accept both as long as they have a OChem component. Both courses are the same credits.

Did anyone else have a choice like this? What should I expect. The Math prereqs was either Inter Algebra or Math for allied health (conversions, etc) Was it heavy in Algebra or a little more "real world" math?


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It doesn't sound like it matters much in the long run (credit wise), so you may as well go for the Allied Health. It will be geared for your educational needs which are different than a science major (although I don't know any science majors that take this type of chem course). I was a bio major and we had Gen. Chem I&II followed by Org. Chem I&II (although I got smart and got out of bio before the Org. Chem). :D

Also, I'm sure you'll run into more pre-nursing/nursing students in the Allied Health sections.

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I agree, I would find out which one of those the nursing students take and go with that since it really doesn't matter. You would want to go with whatever one is geared more towards health careers I would think.

I did take an Intro to Chem class and it was not all about math, maybe elementary algebra. I do have to say I found my Chem class to be VERY helpful in Physiology and Microbiology.


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