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Has anyone taken ap2 and chem 1 at the same time? any suggestions on if this is a good idea or not? I have taken chem 1 and 2 before, but took long ago for them to i need to retake in order for them to be accepted.

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Yes, I took A&P II and Chem I in Fall 2011 and didn't think it was too bad. I work full-time, so my Chem class was M & W nights, and my A&P II class was every Saturday from 8am - 2pm. Personally, I spent more time studying for A&P than I did for Chem. But I managed to get an A in both classes, so it wasn't bad. I think you can do it!

I did! I took A&P 2 and Intro. to Chem (which I've heard is easier/simpler than Gen. Chem). You can definitely do it!

I took anatomy (our school teaches anatomy and physio separately instead of a&p1 and a&p 2), general chemistry, human development, critical thinking, and psychology. I believe it was 18 units total and I got A's in all of the social science classes and B's in both anatomy and chem but I did miss a ton of classes and could have easily gotten an A in chem. It really comes down to obligations though. I live at home with my mom, no children, no bills, no job, so school is pretty much my only priority. It is definitely doable but you're really the only one that knows if you'd personally be able to handle it. Good luck in your studies! :heartbeat

I think it is very doable, just be ready to study like you would for any science class.

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Well since you have taken chem I and II, I think you should be fine taking both at the same time... chem will be more of a refresher and AP should be more your concentration

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If you did well in Chem I before and feel comfortable with it, go for it! I took Chem 101 and A&P 201 (sounds about the same type 9of course load) along with two nursing classes last semester and was able to do well in both. As long as you are able to give them both the time they need, then I'm sure you will do fine. Good luck!

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