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I am nurse in Portland and my scrubs are provided by the hospital. My family and I are going on a family medical mission trip in January. I am looking for some cheap scrubs (4 pr/person). I only have two sets of scrubs and 4 others that will work. Does anyone have ideas on finding cheap/used scrubs?

Thanks so much.



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Your local scrub shop's clearance rack.

Or clearance on I think you can get a full set for $10, maybe less.

Also, check ebay.

Hi Spudid,

You might want to check out your local goodwill or St. Vincent De Paul's. I just noticed that there were several pairs in very good condition at the ones in Eugene. Also Target on line has scrubs for cheap.

Good luck.


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Costo has cheap scrubs as well. Enjoy your medical mission!

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WalMart has cheap scrubs as well.

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Wal-Mart, Target, Life Uniform clereance rack (one in clackamas promanade by Target) and I saw some at Rite Aid, could even try Wallgreens


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Thanks for all your help. I looked at Goodwill and they were about $4-7. I looked online and found scrubs for $3.99/top/bottom from Lydia's. So got whole outfits for $8.00 and the kids chose their colors. It was more convenient and I didn't have to piecemeal it like I would from Good will.

You are all great!

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