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Charmin Commercials THE WORST!

I just watched another obnoxious covid-19 related commercial by Charmin toilet paper. They reported how hard they are working to keep us supplied with toilet paper, and then try to emotionally manipulate us by telling us to be safe.

I will never use Charmin, because 1) their toilet paper is not as good as Scott. It's harder on septic tanks. It's all fluff but no longevity. 2) their attempt to manipulate the buying public with the covid-19 crisis is unforgiveable.

I see a lot of companies advertising how they are "fighting" this virus. Most of them are banks, however. Disingenuous me thinks.


Specializes in nursing ethics.

Most commercials try to manipulate consumers in some way, using fear and other emotions because it works. Nothing wrong with private label generic brands of paper. I see commercials for masks every day now--you cant get away from it. In a subtle way, it is about fear.

** I have to say this but the ads on this forum are really annoying me. Awful.


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