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Charity-2nd Semester, info please!

Hi guys!

Ok, I went to orientation and got the schedule for this first semester. But now I am curious about the second (and third and fourth) semester. Is the schedule similar? Radically different? Just trying to decide on a possible job/work scenario. TIA for any information!

About the same... 2 clinicals and 2 school days. Tests are on Monday afternoons. So it is the same time as pharm and basics put together-a total of 9 hrs

If you login to Blackboard you can enroll in CSN Library and the calendar is available under course information (NACI Spring 07). They have one for Day and one for Evening. You can print it from there and you will know your schedule!!!

Crescentgirl, Is there anyway you could email me a copy of the schedule they handed out at orientation? I had to leave after lunch and they said to just get the calender from someone. Thanks

I'll send you a PM with the access code.

Could you send me the access code too, please. I tried to access the library also, but it wouldn't let me in with out the code. I am trying to figure out what the schedule will be like for next semester b/c I will have a newborn by then ( well, a 3 month old anyway!):uhoh21:

savanna0511: I just sent you a pm with the access code.

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