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i'm getting ready to start nac 1 and i'm kinda freaking out...just really nervous about being able to handle everything. can anyone give me any feedback or tips?


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Time management is the key. Hit the ground running. Every semester will have a different vibe. You will feel overwhelmed at times but stay focused on the goal. To pass.


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you will do great... Just study, study, and when you done studying.... study some more! The whole nursing school thing is a process and a test. they throw a care plan at you the same week you have what will feel like the hugest test you have ever taken!! its all a test!! They are trying to prepare you for nursing and STRESS is a BIG part of it along with Time managment, setting priorities, and of course critical thinking.

You can and will do it, just apply yourself.


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Study and manage your time wisely. I found my home to be the worst place to study--too many distractions (and bed!) so I holed myself up in the library for hours on end. Get your care maps done early! Study continuously! NAC I is the weed-out course, IMHO. Stay focused. Also, I chanced upon some really great friends and study partners that semester, though I generally do not like studying with a group. It was in fact a huge help.

At least 1/3 of your class will not make it. Making sure you are with the passing group is gonna take work, sweat, tears, and yes a little bit of luck. :yeah:

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