Changing from OB to ER....HELP!!!


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Hi all,

So, I'm contemplating leaving my "home" L/D, which I have worked in for the last 9 years (Postpartum prior for 2 years) and I am DEBATING venturing out into ER. Has anyone out there been in this situation, or can offer some advice???? My previous background does not include med surg. but I have a great opportunity to train in ER, which I have always had an affinity for. There is definitely already an "ER-like" fast-paced atmosphere/element in L/d, which I enjoy. Of course, I am comparing apples and oranges here, but how hard is it the first few months??? What types of skills, assessments should I brush up on...L/D is specialized and limited so it is VERY daunting, but ultimately, if I do not pursue this potential opportunity, I dont think I will later on in my career. Any ER nurses out there, PLEASE, any words of wisdom and guidance would be awesome. I know any new area is DAUNTING...What were the things you all did as a new nurse in the ED.

I believe the ratio at my facility is 1:4, but it is a very busy unit. DOES ANYONE OUT THERE KNOW A NURSE THAT ROTATED TO ER FROM L&D .....

Thank you!!! ANy words of advice would be supportive!

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Yes, a coworker of mine made this transition. She did fine, she is now a charge nurse.

You've already proven your ability to learn a specialty, work closely with docs, perform under pressure. You'll do great!

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I think you will do just fine. L and D can be compared to the ER except your patients are women and babies. Both areas can be fast paced. You have to triage in the ER just like L and D. The docs are always there. You are proficient in IVs. Yes they are totally different specialities so you will definitely have to brush up on emergency nursing. Common complaints and interventions.

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I went from ICU to ed to PP ( occasionally have to float to l and d and nicu)