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I'm currently a diesel mechanic and a part-time BSN student. Taking only two classes per semester until I can start my clinicals in spring of 2009. I want to get some hospital experience. Can anyone give me some ideas?


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You can become a nurses assistant, or some hospitals have a program where nursing students can work at a certain compassity(SP?) (To early in the morning to spell correctly, need tooth picks to hold eyes open :) ).


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Most states you need a cna or started in clinical classes before you can work in a hospital. Some hospitals do offer nurse internships, or patient care techs which you do not need a cna. I would contact a hospital and ask about voulenteering and perhaps shadowing with a nurse or cna.


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Hi. Where I live they actually offer what's called a Nursing Care Partner Program where last I checked the minimum course that you can take is Fundamentals of Nursing before applying. Also, this school I'm at and other schools offer "externships" where you can work at a hospital in addition to going to classes.

Just some ideas.


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EKG technician is one I can think of. They go around the hospitals doing EKG's on patients. I'm not sure if training is provided for that one, but students I went to school with liked that position.

There are patient transporter positions that would get you some patient contact and plenty of exercise. The pay isn't great, but no training/certifications required.

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