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I read in my ATI book due to HIPAA regulations nurses can no longer give report in or just outside the clients room and that report should be given in a private room with a door. In an online discussion a student said that report is now sometimes given in front of the this a new acceptable thing to do?


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Yep! Bedside reporting is required at my hospital now. So now we have to give report twice -- once at the bedside and then again in private where we can talk about the types of things you can't say in front of the patient. And, since the patients think this is the best time to ask for a trip to the bathroom, pain meds or fresh water, we can never just give report and walk out.

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We give report at the bedside on patients that are in private rooms.

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I give a piece of paper with a full SBAR report.

Then I place a "?"

She/he nods or shakes head.

But this is the RR so it may be a little different...weird and different....

Wow thats interesting, seems like that would be a good way to report off. What types of things cant you say in front of the patient?

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we give report in front of the patient too and i hate it. it's more of a "patient pleaser" they say, but it takes forever and you really have to end up giving report twice, once at the bedside and once in the medroom... and like a PP said, patients always want something when you're right there.

anyways, to answer your question tif-types of things you can't say in front of the pt: test results (only a doctor can give those), things about the patient that you wouldn't want them to hear (ie: patient abuses the call light), things about the patient you wouldn't want anyone else in the room to hear (ie: HIV status), diagnoses you aren't sure if the patient knows about yet......

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