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So, I stopped my nursing program in winter due to burnout. I was working weekends about 10-15 hrs, barely having enough time to focus in school and my sleeping routine was messed up. I decided to re-apply and give myself one more chance, whether I get bad marks or not. I regret leaving the program, I wish I could have done something to make myself stay in the program although, I have talked to the counsellor it did not help me.

It won't be a normal admission. Since the program is a collaborating with 2 colleges+ University (Ryerson University), each college program coordinators and the director of the nursing program will decide whether or not they'll let me back. My academic advisor said I have a really good chance to get in, however, I am losing hope... it's almost end of April :(. I feel like my grades (secondary and post secondary) are competitive enough to get back in. I don't know what to do any more, I don't have plan B either... and I am 21 years old. I think I wasted too much time. I am jealous of my friends because they have 1 more year till graduation and here I am, struggling in life~


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Don't be jealous of your soon to graduate friends. I had a hard time when I was younger. I have many friends, a lot that are now RNs, that did school the "right way" while I struggled with my future. They will have been nurses for the past 3-5 years the year I graduate (next May). I can't dwell on it and neither can you, and I'm five years older than you!Everyone has their own path.

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You'll be two years older anyway, whether you go to school or not. Might as well go and be done with it. And the time to worry that some of your age mates are a year ahead of you in school should go away about when you are old enough to graduate from high school. :) Live your own life, everyone else's is taken.

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I'm very much afraid you will find that the profession of nursing is much worse than nursing school combined with a part-time job in terms of fatigue and burnout. Employers aren't going to have much sympathy when your sleep patterns are messed up - which they will be. Most Canadian acute care facilities utilize rotating shifts; one week on days and getting up at 5:30 am to make it to work on time will alternate with a week on nights where sleeping all day will be an absolute must... but then you're back to days again. How will you cope with that kind of disruptive routine?

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