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Chances at GT/ WHC Scholars Program

Interested in hearing the stats from students who were accepted to GT's Accelerated BSN as well as the Scholars program. I am not sure how I would compare. Also, VERY interested to see where everyone took their pre-reqs. Would NVCC suffice?

Me: 32, BA is Sociology/ English with a 3.64 GPA/ have lived in the DC area for 11 years

- worked in a nursing home while in college

- 2008 law school graduate from a lower ranked Tier 4 school (not a great GPA) but passed bar on the first try

- worked 5 years for a large national civil rights non-profit doing fundraising

- concentrated on public interest law while in law school (low-income clients)

- currently work for a national legal non-profit doing program work (serving low-income clients, but I don't actually practice)

- I have had the med field bug for years, but went to law school b/c that was what I had "planned" for myself. Wished I had followed my heart and passion.

I plan to start volunteering at a local hospital (hopefully WHC) for 4 hours per week for the next 2/ 3 years. Regardless of where I end up, I need to save money to be able to live b/c I do not want any more student loans than I already have.

- I plan to take all my science pre-reqs at NVCC and perhaps statistics and ethics at CCDC (DC's new community college) starting in the fall, but at a very slow pace. I am shooting for all A's here.

From this small snapshot, do I sound at all competitive for these programs?



Has 3 years experience. Specializes in CVICU.

Hi there!

I actually was accepted to both Georgetown and the scholars program. I'm 21 and graduated from Emory in May 2010 with a 3.8 gpa. I did most of my nursing pre-reqs at community colleges (except my chem), both on-campus and online classes, and aced them all. This past year, I worked in banking/sales (btw, terribly demoralizing). I've previously volunteered with a local clinic that serves mainly low-income Hispanics and Latinos, as well as minority populations in high schools. I've also done independent research on social justice issues affecting Latinos, which helped me strike my interest in serving the underprivileged population. My other contact with nurses/healthcare was through my HR internship with a disability management care and consultant group, which helped as far as getting a recommendation.

Anyways, I think you have great experience - you just need to effectively connect

the perspective you've gained and how such experience will help you as a nurse both through your initial studies and prospective nursing career. In my interview session for the scholarship (there were 2 dates to choose from), there were about 20 other people, mostly coming from a psychology, public health, healthcare, and/or science-related background. It's a competitve pool of students, much more so than my initial expectations. Also, you only submit the scholarship app (separate from the nursing admissions app) and interview for the scholarship after you've been accepted by Georgetown.


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