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  1. Looking for anyone with experience with the program, thoughts on Chamberlain as a whole, etc. Thinking about looking into the program but do not want to be harrassed
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  3. by   Kdrenee
    As far as anyone who knows anything about the DNP program, I would love to hear your feed back as well.

    IMO, chamberlain is a great school despite what some people may say. The facility is state of the art and seems like it will take learning to the next level. The school is accredited and the advisors have always been wonderful to me. The only draw back is the price tag. Which is big! Idk about the price on the DNP program though..
  4. by   trayc38
    I figure it is close to 25,000 for the program
    I believe online learning is what you put into it, although I do know some people that had 'advisement' issues with some colleges. I just need to contact them about the required hours, etc.
  5. by   Kdrenee
    Only 25000!? That's not bad! I didn't really look at the DNP info. I just figured since the BSN program is a whopping 86000 that it would be alot.

    Idk about at chamberlain, but doing all of my pre reqs I took mostly online classes and really enjoyed.
  6. by   tellamae
    Just found out that I will start DNP program March 2nd, Yeah!!!!!
  7. by   carisma1101
    Congrats! What is the cost of tuition for the DNP program? Also, is this an MSN-DNP or BSN-DNP program?
  8. by   APRNLH
    Hello Tellamae,
    I am interested to know if your liking your first DNP class with Chamberlain College of Nursing? Is the online course difficult? Is there a lot of time involved? What is the outline of the syllabus? Any textbooks required? Thank you!
  9. by   OfeliaMSN
    Please let me know if you have any insight on the DNP program at Chamberlain University. I plan to start in May. Good or bad any input will be appreciated. Thanks!
  10. by   OfeliaMSN
    Please let me know what you find out. I would also like to know what your inquiring about. Thanks!!!
  11. by   OfeliaMSN
    Can you give me some insight into the DNP program at Chamberlain. How re the homework assinments, rubric and professors.
  12. by   OfeliaMSN
    So how is the DNP program at Chamberlain going? Is it pretty structured and do-able? Are your professors helpful?
    Thank you!
  13. by   OfeliaMSN
    Hello. I start the DNP program in May. How do you like it so far? Is the work clear? Teachers helpful?
    Thank you.
  14. by   tellamae
    My tuition was 22,800. Military discount