Chamberlain spring 2018

  1. I just got the call tonight that I will be in the spring 2018 class and I'm hoping to find others who will be starting in spring as well. It would be nice to have a group of us to all go through this process together
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  3. by   nurselola16
    Congratulations! Did you have phone interview? I received an email for a phone interview and no answer in 2 weeks
  4. by   Regina_Phalange
    No they didn't do a phone interview with me. Which campus did you apply to? I am going to the Sacramento one. Maybe the process is a little different for yours? Hope you hear from them soon!
  5. by   jbrown796
    Congratulations!! I will be starting in the spring also!!
  6. by   Bunnymummy
    I just applied for the B.S. in nursing starting January 2018 and paid my application fee. What happens next? Please keep me updated on how things go for you. I already have my B.S. in Biology and wanted to go into nursing now.
  7. by   jbrown796
    You have to take the HESI exam.
  8. by   babyiguama
    I am starting January of 2018- either of you/anyone in the BSN-FNP program?
  9. by   jbrown796
    I will be starting the BSN program.
  10. by   Regina_Phalange
    Congrats JBrown and Babyiguama! I am starting the BSN program as well. What campus will you be attending? I will be at the Sacramento, CA campus.
    Nurselola - any call yet?
    Bunnymummy - You will be scheduled to take your HESI exam within 2 weeks after paying the application fee I believe, so start studying now. Its pretty easy if you give it about a week of brushing up on all the subjects they will be testing you on. I got the Hesi PockPrep app (purple and white and it does cost money) and I think that was one of my favorite study tools! I also watched crashcourse anatomy videos on youtube. They were entertaining and touched on all anatomical areas. Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology: Crash Course A&P #1 - YouTube
    I also got this book and read through it all and made flashcards. Admission Assessment Exam Review, 4e: 978323353786: Medicine & Health Science Books @

    I studied for 4 days and got a 94%.
  11. by   lnae513
    Do you know how many admissions committee meetings there are for the Spring 2018 enrollment? I applied for this upcoming semester and am patiently waiting for the next committee meeting
    Congratulations on getting accepted!
  12. by   jbrown796
    Awesome I will be attending the NJ campus.
  13. by   jbrown796
    I’m not sure how many committees they have
  14. by   babyiguama
    I will be attending online. Wish I could be of help- but I have absolutely no idea about the admissions committees either. 😩