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Hello All, I am starting a thread for those applying to Chamberlain for the class that starts May 2017. What does your GPA and HESI scores look like?? I have a 3.72 GPA and will be taking the... Read More

  1. by   Acireol
    Has anyone started the 3 YR BSN program? What were the steps in this? I have just emailed my advisor my transcript and purpose form. I remember her saying something about passing a skills test to get into the program? Has anyone done that yet? Please let me know!!!! Thank you!
  2. by   cassieloveee
    hey! congrats on making it this far along your decision. Yes, you'd have to take an entrance exam called the Hesi. PRACTICE! before taking it. I believe it is 2 attempts. I was accepted but I had to decline because I got into another program, so I did not start their BSN program.
  3. by   Imblatant
    Could you tell us what your gpa and hesi scores were like?
  4. by   Imblatant
    I'm not sure about the actual statistics or scores of people who get accepted but I'm applying for this summer at this location and I have a 3.61 and a 91 on the hesi. They said I have a good chance of getting in.
  5. by   cassieloveee
    Hi! My overall GPA was about 3.75 + and I had two tries for the HESI 88 then 91. They have a different way of scoring their HESI. For the very first try I had an 90 but they scored it as an 88. (They won't explain their scoring system due to specific protocols etc)

    Right after you do the HESI, your score automatically pops out showing on the screen before you exit.

  6. by   AspiringNP/CNM
    Chamberlain weighs each section of the HESI differently, so overall you score a 91, but when they weigh certain sections higher than it will adjust your score depending on how well you did.
  7. by   Imblatant
    I got a 90.5 as the chamberlain score
  8. by   Cjandmavsmom
    How long after you took your Hesi did you find out if you got accepted or not?
  9. by   AspiringNP/CNM
    They allow you to take the HESI twice. If your score isn't high enough the first time, they will have you take it again. For me I found out about 2-4weeks after I took it the first time. The HESI is usually the last piece of your application to submit to the panel. They will tell you after they have your completed application pieces when the panel meets and they will call you the same day or the day after they decide.
  10. by   Cjandmavsmom
    Thanks I have both attempts scheduled next month and they they gave me a timeline that says Committee- date to be decided. So hopefully soon after I take my Hesi.
  11. by   airiarte89
    Hi guys! Can someone in this thread possibly clear concerns I have about the Sacramento campus? Chamberlain itself doesn't have the best reviews but the accelerated program is ideal for my lifestyle currently. Can anyone that is in the program please give me an honest review of your experience, and whether or not you are enjoying the program as a whole.