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Hello fellow RN-BSN students or prospective students! I thought I would start a new topic for the March session. I'm a new Chamberlain student and will be taking NR 351 Transitions in Professional... Read More

  1. by   pfchang
    Hello, I want a quick BSN. I am considering Chamberlain bc I have a diploma and a Bachelor's in an unrelated field. I have had Statistics but not Econ. Does anyone have an idea of how long Chamberlain may take? I have emailed for info but have not talked to them yet.
  2. by   alodocios
    the courses are 8 week sessions. you have to take 32 credits with them for residency. they give you 82 credits for having your RN and then they look at your courses to see what else they can transfer in. You may have to take some extra classes that you ordinarily wouldn't have had to take to make that 11 class, 32 credit residency requirement because you already have a bachelor degree. I only had to take 11 classes down to 9 now. you can take as many as you think you can handle in an 8 week semester. You can go ahead in the nursing classes because you get the whole syllabus and assignments at the beginning of class. I finished my transitions class in 4 weeks because i went ahead. The nursing classes don't have tests, just discussions and some have one paper at the end. My transitions class had no paper, but smaller assignments that were pretty easy. The gen ed classes have tests and or papers and the discussion forum postings which are mandatory. I transferred to chamberlain from notre dame and i like it so far. The staff is very involved to make sure you are doing well and have all your questions answered.
  3. by   pfchang
    Thank you, alodocious! Do you mind me asking, how much is tuition for 32 credits? Can you start another nursing class now since you finished transitions early?
  4. by   pfchang
    I will answer the tuition question since I just talked to an admissions advisor today. It is $590/credit hour but if you join the ANA, you get a 10% discount to $531/hr.
  5. by   KCMnurse
    I just started in May and getting ready for the math placement. I am really getting stressed just thinking about it. I am severely math challenged and I am really worried about it. Any one give me any pointers?
  6. by   thehines57
    Chamberlain gives you a link to a good prep course for math prep for the placement test. I am reviewing it now and am waiting to take my math class until sept 2013
  7. by   thehines57
    I am going to take the NR 443 community health, has anyone taken that course yet??
  8. by   roseonye
    i just completed community health and it was quite easy. no biggie with that class. in july i start motivation and leadership a devry class
  9. by   jberrn
    Hi There!

    I'm new to Chamberlain and will start in Sept with 1 class, Transitions
    In Nursing. I read on a thread somewhere that the book is useless. Any recent
    experiences. I don't want to need the book and not have it. I live in Belgium
    so I can't get anything quickly, lol. Also, I've seen mention
    of book rentals. Where is this done generally or where is recommended?
    I've never rented a textbook. Thanks! I'm excited but nervous to be
    a student again after a long break!
  10. by   KCMnurse
    You will definitely need the APA book. The textbook is needed but I would suggest renting its much cheaper.
  11. by   Nurse2b7337
    This is a huge help! Hello everyone, I start school in Sept! I've done all of my prereq's with the exception of logical and critical thinking. My first classes are Nur101, Nursing informatics, and another one I can't remember. I'm excited although I have to wait until Jan for my first lab and clinicals! Thanks for heads up on Nursing Informatics.

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  12. by   kasia35
    Hi, I am planning on taking motivation and leadership class. How was the class? Can I take 2 classes at the same time. I am enrolled for capstone and I just wanted to get over with it and take 2 classes at once. Thanks