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Hey all!! Just wondering if there are any Houston applicants or current students... What are your thoughts so far about the school???:coollook:... Read More

  1. by   stash11

    About 2 months after I applied. I was called in for an interview about 6 weeks after I applied and received a call and email about acceptance about 2 weeks later :-)
  2. by   RozziRoz
    Thank you! I have an appointment with the advisor this Friday. Hopefully I will have some answers as to where I stand with my transcript evaluation, some of my science classes are 11 years old so I'm a bit nervous.
  3. by   Kdrenee
    Question for Texan applicants: I have not taken the ACT or SAT do I need to take one to apply? Will my TAKS scores suffice? They have at other colleges, and I've already taken the HESI A2. Will I have to retake it?
  4. by   ikegrad2002
    Hey everybody!!!!! I got accepted into chamberlain today!!!!!! So excited!!!!!!
  5. by   laylayluv90
    Hey everyone. I am thinking about applying, was wondering how much does the program cost?
  6. by   stash11

    About $70,000 and up, u may want to think seriously about the cost, that is just tuition, you have other fees and costs to consider.

    Good Luck :-)
  7. by   laylayluv90
    Thanks so much!

  8. by   nhudles91
    I am going to apply next May for their accelarated bsn program. And I have a few question, was it hard to get in? I know they're looking at college gpa. I just have a few more prereqs then I can cross that year off. But how many years in total for nursing at chamberlain? What was the enrollment process like? I would like to get admitted and start next summer alrdy.
  9. by   apedrique
    It's not hard as long as you prepare for the Hesi entrance exam and have a good gpa. There are more start dates throughout the year which helps to make it easier to get in. There are more spots to accommodate students. After completing all my pre reqs previous to enrolling at Chamberlain I have 2 years with only 2 classes required that pertain to pre reqs they required. I start in January!