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  1. by   Bashie
    I just wanted to put my 2cents in. I had applied to the St. Louis Chamberlain and did it after the deadline of July 15 for the fall semester and I still got in. If you want to get in for the spring semester, its probably not too late. Just get your application and transcripts in now so that you can start the process. Also, I had a friend who didn't finish her application process till 3 1/2 weeks before fall semester began, and she still got in.

    Oh and as far as the staff and school, Love them! So far, I have had a great experience with Chamberlain. My teachers go out of their way to help you and they are very passionate about teaching.

    Good Luck with everything!!! I'm sure you will do wonderful!
  2. by   myjunkemail67
    I am glad you are having a great experience. I felt my online professors had a true passion for education. Many of my professors also held down full time jobs so they are living the nursing world and immediately share it with the students.
  3. by   bansplt2
    I'll try to answer some of your questions:
    the sooner i take the a2 the better right? probably, yes

    are there any changes to the admissions requirements? not that I know of, however when I applied for this past fall semester they didn't require a whole lot--- and just one semester later, they now require an interview, and the A2 test. So it would probably be good to keep checking back, although I don't expect a whole lot to change (for example though, now they also want a copy of your syllabus for any A&P classes taken).

    when you made an appointment with them, did the counselor give you hints on your chances of getting in based off your transcripts? He was pretty vague about everything, as he has to be--- however I do know that this school has picked up applicants very fast so the sooner, the better your chances are of getting in.

    I think my gpa is right around the 2.75 border line. do you think having healthcare experience and an associate degree help me? THe GPA must be a 2.7 minimum. I do not think they take into account the associates degree (I had a BA and it didnt seem to matter) however they do accept credits... and I'm really not sure about healthcare experience, sorry!

    do you know how they calculate repeated classes? no clue, sorry

    any suggestions/comments on maybe what i should do to up my chances? take a couple more classes? I think you just need to go in and meet with a conselor. Make sure its obvious how willing you are to work hard and how passionate you are about nursing. You have a stronger chance of getting into Chamberlian if you go now, rather than wait.

    Hope this helps!
  4. by   quiet_one
    This is a question for anyone who is enrolled or has graduated from the RN-->BSN program that is offered online through chamberlain.

    I will be graduating from my ADN program in May...the deadline for the next session is July 15th. How heavy is the work load...if you just count the nursing courses...will I be able to work full-time (also do gen ed. courses transfer from a community college or do they want you to take them at devry?). I am also planning my wedding in october and I will be taking at least a week off for my honeymoon...will I be able to work my school around that or is it too intense?

    I am full of questions and would love some information I have spoken with an advisor that has answered some of my questions I just want a "real life" response. Thank You
  5. by   dmfisher86

    I AM in Chamberlain at Addison, and I will tell you that it is NOT EASY at all. You will be working your butt off. At points, you are going to be done OB/newborn, pediatrics, etc. in 8 weeks, so be prepared to give up your job/friends/time/etc. And no, it's not that easy to get in. In my class alone, they only let in 125 students out of like 600-700 applicants, and they don't offer waiting lists. Either you are in or you are not. They don't mess around over there. Your advisors get on you if you grades slip in the slightest, and the nurses will call you in the office if you get below a certain percentage on your exams. Yes, they just recently opened, but the St. Louis campus is known to be one of the best in that area, and the Addison campus is determined to reach this point as well. They do offer your pre-reqs at the school, so yes, you don't need anything done, but they do look at how you did in high school and any other classes you took in college. Everyone there is willing to help you to succeed. My sister is in a nursing program in Arizona, and I had her check out the website. She gave me her thumbs up. So don't be hesitant. If you are willing to put in the work, I promise you that you are going to get a good education there.
  6. by   MrsIndependent
    Quote from Bashie
    I took the Teas Test for Chamberlain and it was a basic test of math, english, science, etc. From what my admissions advisor told me, the A2 test is harder, it has harder math, more A&P, etc.

    If you do a google search for both tests you can get an idea of their content.

    Good luck and I hope this helped.
    Hi. Do you now of a study guide or website that I could utilize to prepare for the A2 exam? I'm in St Louis and hopefully starting in March 09. Thanks.
  7. by   dmfisher86

    I'm not sure that there is a specific study guide that you can use, but I would look at Borders. I know they have study guides for nursing school entrance exams. I did not have to take the A2, so I'm not sure what is on it. I would ask your advisor and then check those guides. I'm sure they can be pretty helpful. Hope this helps!
  8. by   amprinc
    I am waiting to hear if I was accepted. Do you know what the average GPA was for those accepted. I did well on the hesi but my GPA could be better. From what I was told by the addmissions dept. they did not have 600 applicantsthey said around 300.
  9. by   bansplt2
    Good luck, amprinc!
  10. by   CdG86
    Hi guys, I would like to know what pre reqs classes you took at another college for it to transfer over to Chamberlain. Right now I'm at Elgin Community College. I have taken English Comp 1 & 2, Intro to Computers, Intro to Psychology and Development, Sociology, and Chemistry. Would the classes I have taken would they transfer over? Plus, should I just take my Anatomy and Phisiology and Microbiology at Elgin instead of Chamberlain. I plan on appying for the BSN prg in Addision.
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  11. by   amprinc
    Has anyone been accepted for March 09 yet? I know bansplt2 was accepted for early admission but I am wondering is anyone else has heard.
  12. by   jackers198711
    Hey guys. My name is Jackie and I have been a student @ Chamberlain for the last semester and a half. Don't think its so easy! The school is BRAND NEW so competition is still relativley low. Classes are just like all other nursing ciriculum. Its not like you can slack, at least not in your nursing courses. If you do, you're done and there is no questions about it. Its a BSN program, guys! Why the heck would it be easy?? Chamberlain is a very well respected school...its been around for over 100 years and is HUGE in ST.Louis...they just moved out here so its not entirely known yet. So there is no "catch". Its not like its a fake school...And the reason there arent any pre-reqs is bc its strictly a BSN school and you can complete your whole degree there. Its not like you have to be accepted to the school first, take your pre reqs and then apply to a nursing program like you would do at a university. You can come out of high school and take your gen eds there if you want (gen eds are done through devry university though, but they count twoards your chamberlain degree...devry university is partnered with chamberlain) If anybody has any questions about it, just ask!
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  13. by   jackers198711
    Thanks for clearing up the "easy" misconception about our school, DMFISHER!!! Why would a BSN program be easy?...HELLO!