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  1. Good afternoon fellow nurses and nursing students,
    I know there are a couple chamberlain of atlanta posts but I would like to know a little more about it. What is the admissions process like? I have done all my prereqs so I know the price would be lower than usual but anyone have any recommendations on how to pay for chamberlain?
    Thank you all so much for you time.
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    You're a "fellow nurse"?
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    I really wish I was, but I am just a student. I meant it in the "hello nurses and nursing students" kind of way haha! Sorry about the confusion
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    Admissions process is fairly simple.You basically apply, they sign you up to take the HESI A2, and if you get a passing rate your in, granted you meet other requirements. The price overall will be cheaper for you, however the rate is still the same per hour. Also make sure you are on top of your game for financial aid if you will be receiving it as they take FOREVER to process stuff. The school itself is not as bad as it is made out to be. The teachers are either a hit or miss. So far the ones I have had have been amazing! They really do try to help as much as they can, and some are even working on their higher degrees while teaching so they know exactly what we are going though with the 8 week sessions. Just make sure you have some sort of funds set aside as there is always something that comes up. For example at some clinical sites you are required to get a background check done overtime and that is out of pocket. So have an extra $85 a session set aside when it comes time. Some places don't require it. Also depending on where you live it can be along drive to clinical sites since the school is able to place you within a 100 mile radius of the campus.

    Good luck!
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    OP: you can go to (
    and calculate a rough estimate of what this school will cost you, as well as graduation and retention rates (if not Atlanta, there are other Chamberlains listed).
    But try to do this, as you have done in the past, in a more cost effective way.
    This for-profit school owned by Devry is and never was a bargain. (or close to it)
    Why get involved in what has been called "debt peonage." A nursing degree provides a living wage, but if you spend 10-15 years paying off loans, your back to fast food subsistency.
    Be careful. You've come this far and don't sign the dreaded arbitration agreement because it is a big deal.
    And luck in all things