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Chamberlain class schedule


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Hello all!

Currently filling out my application to Chamberlain St. Louis. I have already met with admissions and financial aid. After seeing how much it will still cost me out of pocket, I was wondering if I would be able to work at all during the week? I currently have a part-time 8-5 M-F job, they are very flexible though. What are the class schedules like? Is it all day M-F or will I only be there for a few hours at a time? I have most prerequisites taken already, and any I have left I will be taking online. I will also be enrolled full time, if that helps anyone explain the daily scheduling. Thank you in advance!

Hello there! I start January 2015 in St. Louis. I know that every semester people usually can pull a part time job (after speaking to both former students and double checking with my advisor) for every semester Except for the Med-Surg and Pharmacology semester which for me is the fourth semester in. I was highly warned not to try to work that semester but besides those 16 week classes you should be fine to continue to work. In fact it's highly suggested once in the 2nd year to start apply to be a student nurse so the connections are being made and there is a better chance for a job waiting before graduation.

It... depends? It depends on what kind of student you are, how quickly you can absorb material, how flexible your job is, how many classes you take at once, when your clinicals are, etc..etc...

Some people end up having to quit work to stay ahead in school.. some don't.

Class schedule tends to be about two days a week on campus plus either a lab or a clinical or both.. labs are 8 hours.. clinicals are 12 hours. ... schedule changes every 8 weeks. The thing is, your class work isn't the real problem. Most of what we do is 'learn these 10 chapters then take these tests'... you need copious study time.