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I'm preparing to become a cna to get experience so I can work in a hospital or ambulatory clinic and possibly get my foot in the door while I work on my BSN.

However I don't want to take 8 weeks or more programs for $900 etc. I found out red cross offers a 4 week class for $250.

Red cross however never returns my calls I always talk to staff but the actual person who does the class I can never get in touch with.

My mom is a cna. I have an AS degree in massage therapy which teaches ROM etc. I saw on the registration papers I can challenge the test.

So my question is would it better to challenge the test and my mom teach me everything else?

Thanks in advance!


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I'm in the Red Cross CNA program right now...wow, only $250 that's a deal! In my area (LA), it is $1500 and 7 wks long. I'll pm you on my thoughts on the ARC program.

I believe that those that challenge the CNA test are nursing students that have at least their 1st year of schooling done. Having massage therapy training is not going to cut it and just having your mom teach you as well is not going to make you qualified to take the states test. You are going to need to take a class. If you can find a nice class and put in only $200 instead of $900 go for it!! And if you want the Hospital CNA they definetly are going to want to see that you had taken a credited class before offering you a job. A word of warning though to that getting a CNA position in a hospital is not always easy. Though you being a nursing student will help you

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Thanks you guys I will try to find another accredited class. Right now red cross is the only one nearest me and I can't find the class at a community college or LTC facility.

I wish the red cross would get back with you,that has to be frustrating. Keep looking though you never know when one will pop up or the red cross will get back with you. Have you tried going to the office to be able to speak with someone. Sometimes people are not good at returning phone calls. Seems odd to me you can't find one at a college. You would think at least that would be an option for you.

I was lucky and someone told me about a home health agency that was giving the classes and I now work for them as well. Though because of some new governmental rules they had to stop it. Not sure when our company can and will be able to resume them but I had a great experiance and hope they will be able to again someday.

I go to red Cross tomorrow to find out for a fact if they offer the class, I have gotten really confused now. On the website my city isn't listed however every time I have called they referred me to a specific person ( who hasn't returned my calls) so now tomorrow I find what's correct and whats not.

I have found a class in another close by city but the deadline for the full time class has already passed, so I'm debating the part time.

I've called all the nearest city nursing homes and none of them teach the class anymore which I thought was very odd since a lot of websites still have their name listed. Maybe I'm going about this the wrong way. Its very frustrating


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Pm me where you live what city & state & what are the 2 the closest big cities near you? I am pretty good at finding things, I'll try & help you :-)

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When I took the class and paid $1400. for the class, I was unaware (until the very last class) that the state would reimburse me for the class once I began working in a medicare/medicaide funded (nursing home, hospital, rehab.) facility. I was reimbursed in 4 monthly payments after working 30 days in the facility!

Check to see if your state will reimburse you. Red Cross (if they offer the class) will be able to tell you.

Keep in mind also, that the majority of hospitals will require 6months experience in LTC before hiring you as a CNA.