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Hi.  I graduated from a PN program a very very long time ago from Pennsylvania.  I never took my boards.  Now regretting that decision, I am trying to take my NCLEX.  I have my transcript from my school but my social security number is one number off.  The nursing school is out of business.   The PA nursing board said that they won't take the transcript and if they would take it, they couldn't accept it because of the social security number.  I have been working in the medical field clinically for 20 years.  Is there any way to challenge the Pennsylvania Board of Nursing.  I clearly have the education with the wrong social security number.  I reached out to the district to see if they could change the number, give me an affadavit, something, but haven't heard back from them.  But I am doubtful.  Please anyone

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PA requires the first NCLEX attempt to take place within 12 months of completing a program. It does not allow challenging the exam. Only a few states allow that, and those licenses typically are not accepted for endorsement due to a requirement of completing a program.

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