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Chaffey college Spring 2018



I applied for nursing at Chaffey College to start in Spring of 2018! I just want to know how the nursing program is and chat with all of you who have applied for spring 2018 as well! Good luck everyone who applied!

Hi, I applied to Chaffey this September 2017, for the spring 2018 program. They gave me a paper when I dropped off the application, saying, notice will be given by mail, anywhere between the 2nd, or 3rd week of October. I hope I get in. What are your stats if I may ask?..


Gpa science 3.2

Gpa general 3.5

I completed Math 401

Pre-req's where taken at MtSac

Got A.S from Chaffey in 2012

I have a friend who is in her 1st semester there (in the Nursing program of course). She said she's had a great experience so far, but that they're tough. They have to take a math test within the first month into the program, and HAVE to get 100% on it, if not, you're out of the program. (Get one retry, but that puts you in their radar.) She also had some 4th semester students tell her that the culture gets tough towards the 3rd and 4th semester. Teacher wants to break you and get you out, and throw you into LVN program. My friend said she's going to try try her best to do well, and just stay under the radar.

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Hello. I hope I get in as well! A lot of people say they get acceptance letters by the 10th! This is my first time applying for a Chaffey program.

I have a 3.1 science GPA and a 3.4 over all GPA.

I took all my pre req's at Victor valley college, but took math 401 and art at chaffey. I know that it is a lottery there and that they don't look at our GPA. I got my A.S from VVC in 2015.

I have heard the program there is tough and that the professors try to make you go to the LVN program as well, which makes me a bit nervous lol. But I have also heard a lot of good things about the program. I really want to get in and start working towards my nursing career! Good luck!

Oh really? I thought they picked good candidates, and used lottery based on that..*sigh* I hope to get in. The 10th is just around the corner, but still, nerve racking... I hope we get in. Good luck! :-) I'll post if I get anything.


Thanks for making this thread. I also applied for Spring 2018. 3.0 GPA in science and 3.5 in General Ed. That's what I've heard that it's a lottery, and in reading the Spring 2017 thread, it looks like they sent letters the first two weeks of October. I'm not sure if it's different this year, but good luck to everyone!



Thanks for pointing! Okay, good to know. That means if we get in we'd be taking the TEAS sometime in Nov? ... Thanks for posting stats. It helps to see what the pool is, but since it's lottery I guess as long as the requirements are met, then your in the mix?.


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Hello. I also applied for Spring 2018. I applied in March and didn't get in, so I'm really hoping for a different outcome this time around. I have been eagerly checking the mail every day. Good luck, and keep us updated. I would also like to know if/when others get acceptance letters.

JulietB, was it based on your stats, or was it lottery then too? ... This my first time applying to any nursing school, and so far, I've only applied to Chaffey.; So, I'm trying to get a feel for the process and stats out there. I hope you get in. :-) I hope everyone one gets in and dream job comes true. :-)


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Hi Sarah! Yes, it's just lottery based. I have a good GPA in both sciences and general. I really hope I get in this time. I was so disappointed last time I applied. I hope you get in too!

Has anyone gotten anything yet? I think people start receiving the acceptance letter by now.

I have 2.9 prerequite GPA, 4.0 General Ed. GPA and AA degree. and I completed everything.

Acceptance/Alternate letters will be sent out in the first 10 canlender days.

Therefore, MOST people will receive their acceptance/alternate letters by today oct.06 friday.. Next week oct.09/10? very little chance.

Those who haven't received anything by today, Good luck!

I havent received anything either. Most likely 'denial' letters :(

Really?... í ½í¸“ I didn't get anything in the mail. I guess I didn't get in. í ½í¸¢ Good luck to everyone else, I hope you guys get in.


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I haven't received anything either. I'm starting to get discouraged. Has anybody gotten a letter? I just need to know if anybody has gotten anything yet. This is driving me crazy!!!

There's still hope! People have said they receive letters on or before the 10th! I've been looking I'm the mail everyday! I hope it comes tomorrow! It's all I've been thinking about. Let me know if anyone has received their letter!

Any updates? Did anyone receive a letter today?

I got my acceptance letter today in the mail!

I received mine today í ½í¸Š

Congratulations! I also Applied and was so hopeful that I would get a letter today. :-( do you mind my asking where you live/ what the postmark date is ? I'm trying to figure out if there is still hope in receiving on Monday.