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Hi everyone,

After lurking on here for a while I have finally made my first post :). I just applied to Chaffey's ADN program this past October, however I have a couple of questions to anyone familiar with the program. Does Chaffey or any Nursing program notify those students who were accepted to the program by mail BEFORE the rest of the applicants? If so should I expect the worst if my letter comes later than sooner? The reason I ask this is because I want to still be hopeful if I have not received my letter by a certain time. The Nursing office did mention that all applicants would be notified by either late Nov. or early Dec. I can't recall. This RN program is my only option at the moment so I am going crazy with this wait period. :eek: Any information that you all can provide is appreciated.

Wow you're going onto your 4th semester? That's amazing you must be so excited! And yes, I do hear a ton of negative things about Chaffey but I wonder how much of it is actually true. Many people say that only about 50% of the class end up graduating, while the others get dropped or drop themselves. I know I can't let what people say get to me, but if I'm going to be honest it does intimidate me a bit! I'll definitely message you if I have any further questions, thanks so much for replying![/quote']

I wouldn't say 50% get dropped or decide to drop themselves. In my class, no one decided to drop themselves. The ones that did not pass it was mainly because they did not score high enough in class. In order to pass the semester, your overall grade must be 75% or higher. And they do not round up. Those that do fail a semester are given the opportunity to restart once from the semester they failed. And yes there some that are dropped but not as many as the ones that actually fail the class.

Hi everyone!!!! I am about to apply for the lvn-adn bridge program at Chaffey!! I was just wondering if I could get a program update, from anyone who is currently in the program, or has graduated?? I too have heard bad things about students being singled out & dropped...just wondering what everyone's experiences are? Any info is greatly appreciated, thanks!!!!

Hello!! I am just wondering how the program has gone or is currently going??? I am an LVN looking to apply the Chaffeys LVN-ADN bridge and I have also heard bad things about the ADN faculty & how they drop students...I am supposed to be applying next semester, & worried! Any info or advice is greatly appreciated, hope to hear from you!!!

Hi all!

I am applying to chaffey's adn program this September, and would like some feedback on the selection process if you know of it? I have been studying for the teas this summer and I also graduated with an allied health degree same time (3.2 gpa) so I have all the pre req's done needed just havent taken the teas. One question is how well do you need to do on the teas? It's been a dreadful summer wondering if i'll completely bomb it or not. the anxiety is killing me. One thing that i like about their selection process is they only have you take it if you're provisionally approved, meaning theyll accept you once you take and pass test. Which to me is great! So in all honesty, I've held off taking teas up until finding this information out and I feel it would be wise for me to apply this fall.

Hi! I am currently taking lvn to rn transition class at Chaffey. And we dont have any repeaters in our class. So I guess you passed it last semester! How are you doing right now? How was your class?

Hi! Great work in starting the lvn to rn transition! How's it going? As for myself on the other hand, I am not an lvn. I am applying as a new student to the school, yet I completed all necessary course work to be considered. I am also a CNA.

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