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Hi everyone,

After lurking on here for a while I have finally made my first post :). I just applied to Chaffey's ADN program this past October, however I have a couple of questions to anyone familiar with the program. Does Chaffey or any Nursing program notify those students who were accepted to the program by mail BEFORE the rest of the applicants? If so should I expect the worst if my letter comes later than sooner? The reason I ask this is because I want to still be hopeful if I have not received my letter by a certain time. The Nursing office did mention that all applicants would be notified by either late Nov. or early Dec. I can't recall. This RN program is my only option at the moment so I am going crazy with this wait period. :eek: Any information that you all can provide is appreciated.

Hello Yes Chaffey sends out the acceptance letters before the denial letters I think if you don't get in the letter comes close to the end of Dec. Have you heard anything yet? I also applied to chaffey in October i just found out I was accpeted Saturday ....Good Lcuk to you!

Thanks for your reply, I was beginning to think no one would respond! lol Well I have not received my letter yet. I couldn't stand it any longer and drove to the nursing office at Chaffey to see if I could squander out any tidbits but the receptionist only stated that all of the letters would be sent out by Dec. 22. Me personally, I left the office with the vibe that all applicants who were accepted have been notified and now they are working on the denial letters. I don't know, I'll give it another week before I accept my fate. By the way, Congratulations on you acceptance to the program, I've done my research it it is one the better ones in this area. Good for you!

Im sorry hang in there people apply at programs for years before getting accepted, but keep applying and I agree with you chaffey is one of the better schools for nursing I think they have a great program! Good luck to you!

Out of curiosity were you accepted on the first try??

Yes I was but I think i got really lucky because you dont hear that too often! Are you going to be applying?

That is so great for you!! If I do it won't be until spring of 2012. Can I ask what your gpa was? You may have said in an earlier post but and if so just say and i'll look back on it. Have you heard from other students that they have had to apply more than once? I guess i'm wondering what puts one student in the forefront of another in order to be selected or is it truly random. Do you live close by the school?

@Student265... Hi, I was also accepted into Chaffey's program scheduled to start August. I haven't received any further correspondence from them and I was wondering have you?

NO I haven't heard anything yet, Im anxiously waiting! I called Karen about a month ago to ask about schedules or any info she said we should hear something in March! Feel free to keep in touch I've been hoping to find someone else that was accepted Im sure we will get to know each other very soon! Have you take the tea's test yet?

Yeah I took the TEAS test already. I'm excited to finally find someone starting with me :-).... I saw a few familiar face at the mandatory meeting. But same goes for you feel free to keep in touch with me too.

Regarding the TEAS test at Chaffey... I will be taking it soon, as I just found out I am accepted into the program to start Jan 2012... Can anyone tell me what this test is the study guides and practice tests really follow suit to how this exam will be? Im totally nervous about taking this test, of course, I havent touched a math problem in forever it seems...and I want to be prepared for whatever it has to throw at me. I appreciate any help and advice. Good Luck to everyone else already in the program or working towards it!

Hi Lanette522.....congratulations on getting into chaffey. I was accepted too. Looks like we will be classmates. With regard to the TEAS, I took version 4 as it was required for another school I applied to. The test was pretty in line with the study guide and practice tests that can be purchased through the ATI website. The only thing that really veered from the study guide was the science section. There was a lot of chemistry and a couple physics problems. Some of it was common sense and some of it I just missed. I scored lowest on the science portion - go figure. The math was very basic and the reading and English were pretty simple as well.

The only thing is I am not sure what version chaffey will require - version 4 or 5. I look forward to meetin u at the information session in September. Let me know If u have any other questions.

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