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Hey everyone,

Canadian RN here - just wrote and passed my NCLEX this week and will be receiving MN license shortly in the mail. Was offered a job in WA on basis of passing my NCLEX so now that I have passed I am starting the "big" process of CGFNS etc etc.

My question is (if I read correctly on CGFNS) that with an offer of employment letter, CGFNS is able to process the VisaScreen in 5 business days - has anyone had experience with this?

Also, would anybody know if WA will process a license by endorsement without a SSN? I clearly cannot obtain one until my TN Status has been approved.

Any advice to speed this process up would be greatly appreciated, I have these lovely offer of employment letters sitting on my desk and I am so eager to relocate and start my dream job, but there are sooooo many tedious processes that are standing in the way, haha.



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Congratulations .... but please don't delay sorting your CGFNS stuff as they can take ages.

Some years ago I planned on going to the US (and then changed my mind ). I had to deal with the company.

They are really inefficient ...can't even email them out of office hours !!!! Forget about calling ...impossible.

Their website is poorly designed. Just count on snail mail as being your only way of communicating with them.

I had to push them every step of the way processing my order despite me paying them megabucks to do their job.

Was probably the worst example of customer service I have ever experienced and I now have a huge aversion to this company.

One day I would actually like to go to the US to work for a little while.

But the reality of having to deal with CGFNS again might actually make me lose my mind.

Anyway ....maybe my experience was not representative of most ... but it wouldn't hurt to start working on it NOW :)

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Oh, I have started - I have sent out all the forms for my original licensing body in Canada to send to them, my school forms/transcripts are being completed and I will be mailing my photo sometime next week. Unfortunately I was unable to provide them with any sort of NCLEX passing proof d/t the fact that I just wrote it this week.

I am going to try to call them sometime next week as I did read they will process it within 5 business days with an offer of employment (after they receive all my documents though - which shouldn't take more than a few weeks to gather up and be received by them).

I will harass them until they do their proper job, lol.

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Yes, good on you .... they need some harassment :)

Keep checking your order progress online ..... when nothing seems to be moving foward, write to them immediately.

Push push them to do it in 5 days like they say they will.

On a more positive note ...I have heard they are better these days, so good luck :)

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For VSC you do not need a letter of employment it can be done without a letter.

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I know, but I read on their website that they can do an expedited screen if you have one. I want to start ASAP :)

If you want to get a hold of them, you need to call RIGHT at 8AM Eastern Time. I live on the West Coast and had to wake up at 5AM several times so that I would be able to speak to a customer service representative. If you try to call them later in the morning you most likely won't be able to get through!

Also, what is included in your letter of employment? That's the last step I have and I'm really confused as to how detailed or what exactly needs to be in the letter??

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Hey vball, I called them this morning - what a bunch of grumpy employees they are eh? Not very helpful at all. I mistyped my credit card info so it locked me out of paying online, and they told me now I have to snail mail my payment in because they cannot unlock it (how dumb is that, lol). I plan to send in all my forms this week, including the one from my school with transcripts. Hopefully it won't take overly long.

As for my employment letter - since I am going in on TN Visa it has to specify the length of the employment (typically 36 months), and it needs to include a tentative start date, and mine also has indications of my qualifications (ie/ my "successful completion of a degree program") etc etc. HR depts should be knowledgeable about how to write them :)

Are you seeking employment in WA as well?

Hey tk0224, thanks for the info about the letter! I'm actually seeking employment in California or Texas so hopefully wherever I end up has experience with TN status job letters! Good luck with CGFNS!!

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