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CFCC ADN 2015 applicants


Hey guys!

anyone on here applying this semester for the 2015 nursing program at cape fear community college? I'm curious as to what the general number of points everyone will end up with for courses. Good luck and I hope to hear from someone !

Hey Mel_p,

I haven't calculated my points yet (just started the application process). Do you happen to know the recommended book to use when studying for the PSB?

Yea I'm just starting the process too. I didn't get the book recommend by cfcc I got the Barons book offline and it's been helpful! Are you as nervous as I am?

I'm really nervous about this test hahahh I've been hearing that the reading and spelling are the hardest

I spoke with someone that took it this semester already and they said that was the hardest and also the longest portion of the test but that they scored in the 90th percentile so that's good. He said the majority of the spelling was words he had never seen before.

That's what scares me. I'm sure we will do fine as long as we prepare. Are you also applying to the RIBN program?

I am not applying to the RIBN program I'm just going to do the ADN and if I don't get in I'll apply for LPN and do the bridge program to RN it takes the same amount of time as just going straight through the ADN program. How about you?

I'm applying to the RIBN program and ADN and if all else fails I'll apply to the LPN and do a bridge program

Hello! I am also applying for the 2015 ADN program. Have ya'll taken the PSB or scheduled to take it? I am waiting until January to apply so I can get some extra study time in! I took it last year and did not get in to the ADN program but got into the LPN program but declined my seat so that I could hopefully get into ADN this year. The PSB really isn't too bad, the science portion is what ruined my score. I have been out of school for 6 years, so all of the questions in the science portion were like another language to me! But I have taken some biology courses since the test last year in hopes of a better score this year! I used the book that CFCC recommends and it helped me a lot in the other portions of the test.

Hi KDM83!

So what happens when you do you intent to apply? Do you HAVE to scheduled a test for the next available date or are we able to pick a date that works for us?

I also got the book that was recommended along with the Barron book to study.

When you go in to do your intent they schedule you in the next psb exam. So usually whichever month you apply is the month you take your test, unless for some reason that test is full then they will schedule you into the next psb.

Glad I asked! I'm not ready to take it yet. I attended the review class yesterday and was told that dec 16 they should have the test dates for January! I'm getting so anxious lol How is your studying going???

Sorry ive been slack with checking my own post ... finals week! I just wanted to let you guys know I filed my intent to apply! I take my PSB on January 8th. Hopefully everything will go well and I have some extra time to study before hand! Im starting to get anxious but trying to keep myself in check! Has anyone tried to figure out their own point count. Im thinking that if I score like id like to on the PSB ill have around 350 ish points.

OK so things about the PSB that ive learned from friends at the college that already have their scores. A friend of mine only scored like 28 out of 50 on the spelling (which is not bad considering the difficulty of this section) and was still in the 98th percentile. Unfortunately I don't think that the percentile is just based on the people in the room you are taking in with. My friend totally thought they bombed it but when the scores came in they did exceptionally well. Also I did not know this previously but the entire vocational adjustment is answered with I agree or I disagree. One section that will be a no brainer, THANK GOD!

Hi everyone. I just took my PSB and got my results back within a couple days. I studied for about 6 weeks and thought the exam was a little easier than expected (aside from the spelling, which was very difficult considering the average person would have never heard of the words). It took me about 2 hours to complete the whole exam. I did really well in every category aside from the spelling. The percentile is based on the scores of applicants across the entire county. With most of my pre-reqs done, I counted my points to be around 354, so hopefully that is enough! Good luck everyone.

I will be putting my intent to apply next week before the interest meeting! How was the science section? I'm a lil worried about that one since it could cover so much

354 is a great point count...you will be accepted..last year the lowest to get accepted was 332! I'm going in on the 10th to apply! I haven't had a chance to study, holidays and toddler have made it very hard...but going to hit the books hard starting next week! With my scores from last year I have a 326 point count, but hoping to improve that on this years test! Good luck on the 8th!

Okay, that's good to know about the point count! BioChick, the science section was the second most difficult for me, after spelling. Definitely study up on basic physics and biology. Good luck!

350's ! You should have no problem getting in I think! I'm super nervous about the PSB I'm taking it on Thursday . I've been studying all sorts of books to prepare and I've found that I do really well in the reading and spelling portions. Hopefully this will be similar to the actually test. I am most worried about the math portion. I'm by no means dumb but for some reason I feel this is going to be the most difficult for me. Any heads up to what the majority of what type of math questions will be on the test. Also thanks for everyone commenting and sharing questions and also concerns. I've found some people to be very secretive about points and scores also about the PSB !