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I Just got my RN License from Florida and I am going to also be licensed in NC, I may of missed this day in school but, do I have to do CEU's for both states of if I do them do they apply to both licenses. Also, how many CEU's do you have to complete and by when?

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Florida requires 24 ceu's every 2 years and North Carolina: As part of a continuing competency requirement, all nurses are expected to select a learning activiity that will help you reach your goal/goals. One option of learning activity is to complete 30 contact hours of continuing education activities. Activities less than 30 minutes will not receive credit.

You can always verify state requirements with each state by going to their websites.


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Yes you can use the same CEU's for both states. you just have to make sure they are all inside the correct time frame.



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sounds like you got it covered by others!


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