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Ces to cvs

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Hi everyone. Im a Filipino nurse. I passed nclex Saipan. Now my agency wanted me to process my cgfns certificate. I made wrong instead of processing cgfns visa screen certificate I processed cgfns ces and the cgfns already sent my ces report. Can i convert my ces to cvs? Or I need to add order again separately for cvs?.Thanks and Godbless..

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You need to speak to CGFNS but expect to pay

Hello, I currently residence of New York City and my agent had put my documents in all CES so is it possible change CES To CVS on cgfns? 

You will need to call CGFNS. Mon- Fri before 3pm
The documents required are the same but the services are different.
I paid for a CVS after I had my CES but it was issued already.

So the every procedure need to do it all again? Or did they convert into CES? because some of the documents are already filed in the system so it could transfer to CVS. 

Any documents you have submitted should convert over. Even if you have to pay full fee again. I don't think they do refunds (you're going to have to call them to check) so you might end up with both a CVS and a CES. But you only have to submit your transcripts and everything once, not twice.

Is it possible to convert CES TO CVS WITHOUT going through whole process ?

Silverdragon102, BSN

Specializes in Medical and general practice now LTC.

Most documents received by CGFNS can be reused but you need to fill out application and pay fees for cvs. Best thing is contact CGFNS and speak to them about it

Thank you so much. This will be much easier other wise getting transcripts from India and doing whole he process again takes lots of times 


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